Crochet Gems by Lina Jewelry !!

One of the brands taking part in Pretty Little Things Alsadu is Lina Jewelry Design. Lina creates the most beautiful crochet jewelry hand-made and dipped in gold. She is a graduated from GIA Los Angeles as a gemologist and jewelry designer. The dream of having her line was always there. It just needed the right incentive, the right moment. Art is like love, it gets better with time. This collection is all handmade and inspired from daily life. From the beauty around us. From the beauty within. Each piece has a story, made for a purpose with passion and love.


Come meet Lina at the Pretty Little Things show in Bait AlSadu Saturday November 3rd, 3-10pm. Follow @PLTQ8 on Instagram or search hashtag #PLTSadu to see previews of what else is to come. On facebook? RSVP here: