Guinness Record !!

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Black-Tie !!

Caroline Brasch Nielsen by Sean & Seng for Numéro No. 125 August 2011.

 Source: NF

Embellished Heels !!

A Beautiful Foot Couture created by Vionnet.

 Source: TheCherryBlossomGirl.

Here & There !!

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Sleek !!

Magazine: Mojeh Magazine
Issue: July/August 2011
Editorial: For the Sheer Love of Fashion
Model: Dovile Virsilaite
Photographer: Federico De Angelis
Styling: Elodie Touboul.

Source: MNN.

The Always Stylish... Judy Aldridge !!

Source: AtlantisHome.

A GREEN World !!

Magazine: Singles Korea
Issue: August 2011
Editorial: Wicked Green
Model: Stephanie Lee
Photographer: Kim Je Won
Styling: Eun Ji Jung.

Source: MNN.

Hardware Workshop !!

Magazine: Singles Korea
Issue: August 2011
Editorial: Tough Beauty‏
Model: Kwak Ji Young
Photographer: Tae Woo
Styling: Ji Hoon Um.

Source: MNN.

A German Rose !!

Magazine: Vogue Spain
Issue: September 2011
Editorial: Claudia
Model: Claudia Schiffer
Photographer: Tom Munro
Styling: Belén Antolín 

Source: MNN.


Highly Ranked Officer !!

Marcelina Sowa by Aitken Jolly for Harper’s Bazaar UK September 2011.

  Source: ZF