Grima jewellery is coveted, not only for its perfect craftsmanship and fantastic design, but also because it is absolutely exclusive. As a result, a rare upcoming sale and showcase, starting on June 7 2011, in Mayfair is causing much excitement. 

Andrew Grima remains a legend in the jewellery world. As a supplier to the Royal Family, his one-off pieces were seen swinging from earlobes, lapels and dainty wrists the world over since the early Sixties, when he rose to prominence. Today, his legend lives on through his daughter Francesca who, with her mother Jojo, is continuing the family business.

Aiming to retain the label's legacy of exclusivity, Francesca reveals there are no plans in the pipeline to open a London shop. "I think it would be too commercial for us," she says. "Part of the Grima ethos is that a client should feel special." And, as such, this summer's exclusive Grima sale and salon showcase "is much more suitable". However, Francesca's hope is "to see Grima re-established in London. It is where my father started the business in the swinging Sixties." This upcoming sale may just be a new beginning for the brand.

Source: Vogue UK 

Wonderful Glittering Creations at GRIMA


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