Green Green Green - Emerlad Emerald Emerald....

My taste in jewelery varies occasionally, some times i adore the tiniest and simplest jewellery out there, and in other occasions i adore and lust over statement jewelery with colourful stones and unique design. It all depends on the mood.

My current obsession is looking for an Emerald ring, which has a vintage vibe to it.

My craze over emeralds was ignited first when i was checking out street style blogs and came across Russian It Girl - Miroslava Duma.

The beautiful emerald block on her hand caught my eyes instantly, and fell in love with it.

Amazing style !! check out the ring.. hehehe AMAZING / BEAUTIFUL / MESMERIZING.. etc

Images Courtesy - Citizen Couture
(I know the image of the ring is very small, but that is the best angle i could find of the ring).

I'm not looking exactly for a block of emerald to put on my finger (i dont mind that.. hehe), but i love diamonds in anything i purchase - who doesn't ?? - so i wanted an emerald ring framed with diamond, that has a vintage feel.

To give you a better understanding:

Less diamond maybe.. !!??

Images courtesy - Google
simpler design..??!! a small / thin diamond frame is what i need..

Hope i find what im looking for, i would appreciate your assistance :-)

if you have any images (name of the jewelery boutique would be helpful) - send them to ranash_86@yahoo.com

Thanks ;-)

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