Jewelers to keep track of..


This brand showcases the eccentricity of its designer, with intricate and beautifully constructed pieces. Any purchased design will provide instant and guaranteed statement to your attire.

Few of their designs, i adored.. !!

Rock, Paper, Scissor Necklace - 21 BP

Rib Cage Necklace - 18 BP

Stethoscope Necklace - 45 BP

Lion Medallion - 18 BP

Apple Ring - 18 BP

Eagle Ring - 78 BP

Robot Rabbit - 18 BP

if you're interested, check out their site


NDS is directed by designer Nektar De Stagni, with a focus on Ready to Wear Accessories.

most of the designs featured are dreamy and romantic with a touch of edginess..

this necklace is amazing very practical for daily wear, and gives a touch of romance and glamour through the crystals, with more of a nautical vibe from the robe - $ 298

Statement.... Statement... Statement.. !!! - $ 548

Check out NDS


Poetry and jewelery are mixed beautifully thanks to Judy Geib. Her love and passion to jewels and precious materials created very poetic phrases to express this burst of emotion and love.

 Images and Poem courtesy - judygeibplusalpha.


Do you like Jewelry.. ?? Do you like Cartoon.. ???

Then you will definitely love this brand and its eclectic bright collections..

Seriously.. this is amazing.. !! the creative mind truly has no limit... check the collection on Denise Julia Reytan.

More designer / brand posts to come... !!

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