My Heart Skipped a BEAT... Oh MY..!!

I consider stylists , that most lucky people on earth, as they have complete access to worldwide designers, and can check out jewelers antiques collection, and have the difficult job of picking pieces for awards..

The stylist Kate young takes us through her journey to prepare for the Golden Globe Awards (i focused more on jewelry).

Images Courtesy: Kate Young

One of the events the stylist had to go to was a BREAKFAST AT HARRY WINSTON...!

below is Elizabeth Taylor Emerald Brooch..

Best quote EVER !!


Cartier museum pieces (from the 1940s, 50s, 60s)

 New diamond and pearl tassel.. (I love their red boxes) hehe

The Box!!

 Tiffany & Co. (Schlumberger Designs)

Source: Vogue

Thank you Kate Young for this sneek peek !!

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