Brooke Gregson

Brooke Gregson's organic, personal approach to jewelry is echoed in her earthy designs accented with a modern touch. Brooke's love of jewelry was inspired by her father's vast collection of fine jewelry and her passion and fascination with fine metals and precious stones.
Through Brooke's study of jewelry & textile design, geology and astrology her collection began to emerge. Brooke initially made her name with the timeless and textural Astrology and Planetary collections, influenced by her textile background and her fascination with Astronomy. She has recreated the constellations with diamonds in textured 14k gold that mimics the surface of the moon. Every necklace is cast by hand and unique.

Her admiration for artists such as Alexander Calder and The Quilters of Gees Bend, a rural community in Alabama, inspired both her Calder and Silk Collections. The Calder influence is evident in mobile-inspired necklaces, and the colors of the Gee's Bend quilts evoked in her silk-wrapped bracelets and necklaces with diamonds.

Brooke's original creations are highly respected in the world of fine contemporary jewelry in both the United States and Europe. Brooke was born and raised in Los Angeles, but currently reside in London and works both from her studios in Notting Hill and LA.

As a consummate artist, Brooke is continually creating new pieces experimenting with different organic material combinations, as well as working on her collections and one-of-a-kind pieces.

I totally love the concept of merging these two worlds together and developing jewelry that are linked in one way or another to astrology and geology.. !!

Check out few pieces from different collection.

Waterfall Collection

Moon Collection

Astrology Collection

Silk Collections

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