Evil Eye...

Many people wear jewlery to represent something, to feel comfortable (Allah, Cross Sign, etc) or to protect them from something, such as "most commonly" the Evil Eye..

Vanessa Kandiyoti


"Vanessa Kandiyoti was raised in a Turkish home filled with superstition and beautiful traditions. She studied law, and always loved jewellery and culture. She discovered a love for stones on a backpacking adventure to Latin America, and never looked back."

“Jewels and stones can make you feel special” , she says, and this is what she wants to achieve with her jewellery. Making women who wear her “ good luck charms ” feel protected whilst looking strong and elegant. All her jewellery is made in Turkey with carefully chosen conflict free stones, and are available in white gold, yellow gold and rose gold.

She has a collection called the Evil Eye.. ;)

Check out Vanessa cute website for more..!!

May God protect you and your family from the Evil Eye..


  1. hello,
    is there anyway i can get her contacts?


  2. Hi E: i have posted the link for you (she has online shopping), but you can also purchase her cute products from net-a-porter.com

    thank you for your comment ;)