The following pieces are from the Duchess of Windsor's collection..

Cartier Flamingo Brooch 

Edward bought this ruby, sapphire, emerald, citrine and diamond brooch for Mrs Simpson in 1940 shortly before the couple fled their French home as the Nazis were invading. Estimated price: £1 million - £1.5 million.
 Cartier Heart Shaped Brooch

Edward comissioned this emerald, ruby and diamond brooch in 1957 to commemorate their 20th wedding anniversary. Estimated price: £100,000 - £150,000.
 Cartier Panther Bracelet

Cartier jeweller Jeanne Toussaint crafted this articulated panther bracelet in Paris in 1952. Estimated price: £1 million - £1.5 million.
 Cartier Cross Bracelet

Made by Cartier in 1935, this diamond bracelet was designed to support nine gem-set crosses. Edward gave it to the Duchess and she wore it with one of the crosses on their wedding day in 1937. Estimated price: £350,000 - £450,000
 Cartier Cigarette Case

This 18 carat gold and gem-set Cartier cigarette case was given by Wallis to Edward for Christmas 1935. It bears the inscription: "David from Wallis Christmas 1953". David was the middle name that Edward used in private. It's decorated with a map of showing the places they had been together. Estimated price: £150,000 - £200,000
Cartier Dress Suite 

This diamond dress suite, made by Cartier in 1935, is engraved with the initials W and E and the inscription “Hold Tight” – a phrase often employed by the Duke and the Duchess in their correspondence before their marriage. Estimated price: £70,000 - £90,000.

Aaaaahhhh Cartier Customizing Jewelry for an occasion is pure extravagance

Source: Vogue UK

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