Meredith Kahn - of Made her Think Jewelry Brand

Inside Jewel Genius Meredith Kahn's Chic Pad

The Interview conducted by Refinery 29

What was the catalyst for creating your jewelry line, Made Her Think? "Well, I like to always say that Made Her Think sort of found me. I am trained in apparel and was designing denim and kind of making jewelry on the side. I've always been obsessed with jewelry, specifically antique and vintage. I used to live at the flea markets and just buy tons of weird objects, charms and chains. I love junk! In the beginning Made Her Think was totally inspired by Dia De Los Muertos and Frida Kahlo, but then it started to evolve into Victorian Mourning Jewelry, then into the Art-Deco period. All that ultimately led to a signature style of a soft and tough moody elegance, using elements from all of these different forms of inspiration mixed in with a New York City grit that defines each collection."
You've got so much going on lately! Tell us more... "This season, I have so much going on, I can't seem to remember what day it is or if I am dressed or in my pajamas! I'm currenly working on introducing a men's collection that I am collaborating on with my husband, launching my third collection of handbags and belts, and launching a line of Meredith Kahn for Mark jewelry for Holiday 2010! Boy, I need a nap."

Collage of her gorgeous Made Her Think brand

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