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Ahkah's fine jewellery collection is a sophisticated addition to any jewellery box. Delicate, personal pieces, each item of jewellery can be worn alone everyday, or layered with other items. Diamonds and precious stones highlight the feminine jewellery designs. The delicate diamond rings are a perfect alternative engagement ring for a woman who seeks a more refined and personal design. Ahkah's necklaces, rings and earrings are available at Kabiri in London.


Belgian designer and fourth-generation diamond dealer Audrey Savransky has broken new ground with her fun and flirty AS29 fine jewellery collection. With a passion for diamonds, Audrey has long understood women's need to sparkle and shine. With this in mind, Audrey has created the AS29 fine jewellery collection as a cure for the diamond envy - as healing as medicine and as tempting as candy. AS29 is available exclusively at Kabiri as part of their fine jewellery collections.

Created with the precision applied to any chemical compound, the fine jewellery collection's name is inspired by the elements of the period table, combining Audrey Savransky's initials and her lucky number. The jewellery pieces themselves are delicate, encouraging the wearer to indulge their feminine wiles. Alluring diamond encrusted curves form rings, hearts and flowers. The necklace pendants hang from slender gold chains, while the bracelets are made from vivid colours of the season, using all the colours of diamonds, sapphire, rubies and amethyst available. "The AS29 jewellery pieces are a fun gift but are also perfect for self administration," reports Audrey Savransky. "Today's woman is more than capable of looking after her own wellbeing and we all know that diamonds are an essential part of any balanced lifestyle!"

Jennifer Meyer

A modern woman's take on traditional fine jewellery, this collection is simple, beautiful and timeless. Jennifer Meyer's fine jewellery is available exclusively at Kabiri and features precious stone accents on 18k rose and yellow gold designs. The wishbone pendant has been featured in international fashion press, and is a popular gift purchase. Please contact the Kabiri personal shopper if there is a Jennifer Meyer style you are interested in that is not featured on the site - we may be able to help.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Jennifer Meyer began making jewellery at the tender age of 6, when her grandmother taught her how to create enamel jewellery pieces. Since then, Jennfier Meyer has worked in public relations for two of the world's leading fashion houses - Giorgio Armani and Ralph Lauren. After seeing these icons work through their design processes, Jennifer Meyer became inspired to return to the creative side of the business. In June 2005, Jennifer established Jennifer Meyer Jewellery. Her goal was to create elegant, yet substantial pieces for women to wear every day. The results are timeless, nature-inspired pieces featuring leaves, wishbones and hammered gold discs which are linked to make earrings, necklaces and bracelets. For the wearer, the beauty of the jewellery collection is found in the substantial weight of such delicate designs - or with the unexpected diamond accent in a simple gold bangle. The complete collection incorporates white, yellow and rose 18-carat gold pieces with delicate precious and semi precious stone accents such as diamonds, turquoise, rubies, sapphires and emeralds.

Anna Hu

A classically trained cellist and a scholar of art history, Anna Hu is no stranger to deep concentration or attention to detail. It is this extraordinary focus coupled with her passion for the arts and that makes her an exceptional fine jewellery designer. Anna Hu's fine jewellery collection is exclusive at Kabiri, and focusing on Anna's two new designer collections: Turandot and Love Knot.

Born in Taiwan, Anna Hu was immersed in the art of fine jewellery from a young age. Intrigued by her father's work as a diamond dealer, Anna Hu accompanied him to the world's most important trading centers and helped him painstakingly sort diamonds. While other girls her age were playing with dolls, Anna Hu was developing both a keen eye for quality and an enduring love of exquisite jewels.
Throughout her childhood, Anna Hu was a dedicated student of the cello, often practicing as many as 6 hours a day. After winning several national awards in Taiwan for cello, Anna moved to the U.S to study at the Walnut Hill School and the New England Conservatory of Music. When tendonitis in the shoulder left Anna Hu unable to realise her dream of becoming a professional cellist, she turned her attention and boundless energy to gemology.
In New York, she earned her one-year Graduate Gemologist (G.G) degree from the Gemological Institute of America in a record three months. Taking inspiration from master jewellers like Cartier, Lalique and Faberge, Anna Hu began her career in jewellery design with an internship at Christie's New York auction house. She then worked in the stone merchandising and jewellery production departments at Van Cleef & Arpels and Harry Winston respectively, giving her broad experience with the industry's top designers. During this period, Anna Hu met her mentor, legendary jewellery designer Maurice Galli. Sharing her love of arts, Maurice Galli took Anna Hu on as his only private student and gave her the tools she needed to create the intricate jewellery pieces she envisioned.
In order to bring perspective to her design and vision, Anna Hu completes two Master's degrees while working in New York: one in Art History at the Parsons School of Design and a second in Arts Administration at Columbia University. With her extensive and varied training in the technique of jewellery design, her deep appreciation for art and music, and her unique knowledge of both Chinese and French tradition, Anna Hu launched her own jewellery brand at the age of 29.
Incorporating elements of classical music as well as French Haute Joaillerie and Chinese fine art, Anna Hu jewellery bridges Eastern aesthetics and Western craftsmanship. Her individually handcrafted fine jewellery pieces evoke timeless royal jewels of the past with contemporary touches that speak to her heritage and training. Presented in a curatorial manner, Anna Hu's exquisite pieces are a form of art unto themselves.

All designers collections will be available in Kabiri

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